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Mission Vision Values

Mission Statement

We will guide each child to reach his/her full potential by encouraging students to: 

Be Engaged
Be AccountableShow
Show Good Sportsmanship
Be Leaders
Embrace Diversity
Show that you are success-oriented!

Collectively, we will provide a safe and supportive environment with high expectations that fosters a lifelong passion for learning. 

Marion School Vision

Marion Elementary School, in partnership with parents and community, will work to prepare all students for a successful future as productive citizens. 

Marion School Values

Marion Eagle
  • High expectations are expected from all members of the learning community.  We will have high academic and behavioral expectations for students.
  • We will recognize student achievement.  These achievements will be reached through building and personal goals by incentives, and student recognition.  
  • We will provide rigorous instruction and have high expectations for student accountability.
  • We will be flexible in the variety of  strategies that we choose to use to maintain teacher and student engagement and motivation.
  • As educators, we will work to continually improve our craft.
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of diversity is one of our greatest strengths in our building.  
  • We will provide opportunities for students to be leaders and model the behaviors of leadership expected from all students.  
  • We will maintain equitable practices.  
  • We will meet each student's academic and social emotional needs through differentiation.
  • We will value, respect, and recognize the accomplishments of others.  
  • Relationships with every member of our school community is important.